Rumors: Apple intends to convert some of the iPad models to OLED


Apple reportedly confirmed OLED displays for the upcoming smaller iPad models. The iPad models which will be debuted in 2022 will have OLED instead of LCD. The company recently introduced the M1 iPad Pro featuring Mini Led. However, they are likely to quit LCD for future smaller and medium-size iPad’s.

Samsung and LG will be the main provider of OLED, despite they are also working on OLED displays for iPhone 13. Shifting from LCD to OLED is mainly because of better design, lightweight, and great image quality.

According to ETNews, Apple is the largest tablet provider with over 50 million units every year. The pioneer tablets like iPad Pro, iPad Air has a huge demand in the market. That’s the reason, the company produces a huge number of units every year.

The insertion of OLED technology in iPhone models begun in 2017, which later on was expanded for the recent flagship models as well.

Besides this, Apple will start testing few models in 2022. Later on, it will be expanded for the other units. Few models to have OLED next year as expected, while, the company will then expand its production from 2033.