Apple iPad 10.9 to feature OLED technology as well Apple Macbook Pro next year


Rumours suggest that Apple is working to bring OLED iPad’s next year to the market. The change of display technologies is for iPad’s and Apple Macbook Pro and other Apple products in the future. According to Digitimes, Apple might introduce the OLED iPad in 2022, while the production might starts at the end of this year.

Apple is planning to feature the 10.9 inch iPad model with the new OLED screen. The same display might be used in Macbooks in the near future.

However, a recent report by Mark Gurman suggests that Apple will launch the iPad Pro 2021 later this month, which will be powered by Apple latest A14 Chipset.

Apple upcoming products may feature micro-LED, mini-LED and OLED display. Apple has a profound interest in changing display technologies. However, from different reports, this will come to an effect early next year in the form of a 10.9 inch iPad.

There is also the possibility that Apple might use an OLED display in the iPad Pro 12.9 inch, and Apple Macbook Pro (16 inches). From the previous reports, it has also been cited that Apple is planning to introduce 14 inches and 16-inch Macbook Pro with mini-LED technology at the end of this year.

As the company is planning to do a lot more, such as they may bring back the HDMI and SD card slot to the Apple Macbook Pro. All this will be happening later this year, or early next year. All this news are rumoured based, however, there isn’t any official statement made by Apple.


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