You are lazy or feel uncomfortable replying to each and every WhatsApp message? Or you don’t want to reply to certain chats because the other person is cringing or something. WhatsApp has now solved this problem.

The upcoming update from the messaging app will allow you to just react to the messages sent to your inbox or group chats.

Initially, the Zuckerberg Company has started beta testing for only a limited circle of people. But there’re chances it will roll out globally in the upcoming months.

If you are an active social media user, then you are pretty much aware of the reactions to posts or DMs. Similarly, the reaction feature is not available to typical messaging apps. Therefore, WhatsApp has decided to launch this much-needed update in a recent time.

According to WABetaInfo, the mentioned feature is under development and testing before its public rollout. Those who have this testing feature are using the reactions mode and the receivers who are using the current version of the messaging app will get a pop-up saying that you have received a reaction.

Furthermore, the receiver will have to update this current version to see the reaction to this particular message.

Presumably, we’ll b seeing a similar set of emojis as of other Facebook-owned social media platforms. For example, Instagram and Facebook messenger have a set of six reactive emojis under the message of the chat.

Therefore, there’re chances that the upcoming reaction update from a Facebook-owned Company will have a similar or maybe the same set of reactive emojis. However, we all have to wait to see the full details of this upcoming cool feature.

The eligibility criteria for having the reaction feature is simple; the receiver and sender have to be on the latest version of the messaging giant. If you’ll be not on that current latest version, you are not going to receive the reaction feature.

While, with the exact date of launching, this most requested feature is still unknown. The users have to wait because the testing can take some time.


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