Pokemon Unite is finally releasing on iOS and Android with Crossplay feature


The Pokémon Unite- 5 vs. 5 multiplayer adventurous MOBA game is coming to smartphone platforms on September 22nd. The company made this announcement during a live stream. The game will debut on both operating systems of mobile phones–Android and iOS.

The Pokémon Company also shared that you can pre-register it on the Play Stores as well as App Store. Once you have pre-registered yourself, you’ll be notified after its official launch on 22nd September.

To recall, it came across the Nintendo Switch platform on July 21st. After its release on the Switch, the MOBA decided to further release it on other gaming consoles as well.

Since the pre-registration for the upcoming game is already available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, therefore, the company is deciding to offer two gifts for the players.

With said that there’ll be a Pikachu license available if 2.5 million players pre-register for the game. On the other hand, the Pikachu holloware festival style license will only be available if the pre-registrations cross the mark of 5 million players.

Crossplay between Nintendo Switch and Smartphone

The good news is for all the players of Switch consoles is that they can sync their data to smartphones as well. In simple words, if you’re currently playing Pokemon Unite on the Switch console, you can transfer your data to the mobile version (iOS and Android) of the game.

In that way, your data will also remain the same after changing your device. Moreover, you’ll just need to put the same profile ID or account alongside the password for transferring saved data and characters from one gadget to another device.

This will allow you to link your devices and you can crossplay between two of them.

The TiMi Studio Group–the developers of this game claimed that their Switch players could also win a gift. They can simply log into the Nintendo console before the end of August and can get a Zeraora license. The Zeraora license is usable among all the linked gaming consoles. Besides this, it is an unstoppable Discharge.