Dying Light 2 the most awaited title is finally releasing this December. As gaming nerds have a lot of expectations for this survival horror action game. However, ahead of the game release, Techland has some job listings on its official website. This suggests that they might be working on another big title.

Techland job listings are for Senior 3D Artist and Senior Quest Designer. Nothing more has been revealed about the project, but the only thing which is known as they are working on company’s new big title, which could be another “AAA project”.

Techland might be working on its third sequel probably Dying Light 3. As the Senior 3D Artist job listing requires an artist whose main responsibility is to create 3D assets for the company’s next big title.

Furthermore, the second job listing shed some more light on the company’s intentions. The Senior Quest Designer would have to work creating detailed plans for quest playthroughs i.e (flowcharts). From such requirements, we could expect another open-world action RPG game.

Moreover, the upcoming game Dying Light 2 is developed using C-Engine, but the company is now moving towards the Unreal Engine. In the job listing, they have mentioned preferring candidates who have knowledge of managing Blueprints in the Unreal Engine.

However, till now nothing more has been shared officially. But it seems they have plans for another big title. We will be updating you regarding the upcoming news and updates.


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