Google Translate to have a new redesigned Interface on Pixel 6


The Google Pixel 6 may come with a redesigned version of the Google Translate app. According to a new report, it will have “a card-style interface,” and you’ll be able to copy text from images for translation support in real-time.

The latest Google Translate update (version 6.21) hides a whole new interface that moves most of the buttons down to the bottom of the screen from their current position near the top, as shown below.

This app update will make the interface easier to use with one hand, especially on larger phones. It probably changed because of Google’s upcoming 6.71-inch Pixel Pro (rumored). There are a few other changes too: For example, there is now an option in place of the hamburger menu icon; it appears at the bottom and says “More.”

Android 12 has one-handed usability as the focus, which is apparent in its redesign. The important buttons have been moved to be accessible without awkward phone gymnastics and will prove most welcome on Google’s upcoming Pixel 6 phones with their relatively large screens.

According to XDA Developers, the code found within this new look suggests it might launch on Google Pixel 6 phones. The 2021 version of these devices are referenced by “p21” in the code which means that this upcoming design will probably be a feature exclusive to next-generation smartphones.

The updated user interface is expected to launch alongside the Pixel 6 in October, with details about exclusivity being provided at that time.