DeepL Translator the best alternative to Google Translate


When it comes to translation, the one thing which comes to our mind is Google Translate. One of the renowned translator apps, having almost 109 languages. This neural machine translation service is launched back in 2006.

However, there are several alternatives to Google Translate as well. Such as Microsoft translate, iTranslate, and DeepL. Today we are going to highlight DeepL translator. This free neural machine translation service is introduced in 2017, while initially the translator only supports few languages. However, recently it added support for further 13 languages.

DeepL Translator
DeepL Translator

DeepL recently announced 13 new European languages: Czech, Danish, Bulgarian, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Romanian, Swedish, and Slovenian. The translator has now 24 languages in support.

Moreover, there is a long way to go, as DeepL constantly adding support for new languages. One thing about DeepL is that it provides more accurate translation and is more like human translation.

If you are seeking a better translator, which gives you more accurate results for translating documents, articles, and other files, then this would be the right choice for now.

How to Translate documents with DeepL

  • Open your browser and search for DeepL translator.
  • Visit the DeepL official link, and you will get an interface for translation.
  • Simply copy the text and paste it into the translate section.
  • On the other side, you can select the desired language for which you want to translate your text.
  • You can also translate docx and pptx files by uploading these files.
  • Furthermore, for ease of convenience, you can also download the Desktop version for your Windows as well as for Mac.