Google Translate crossed 1 billion+ downloads on the Play Store


Google Translate becomes the most downloadable translate app on Google Play Store. The oldest of its kind has now surpassed over 1 billion downloads.

Google Translate is delivering its services for over a decade and is loved by the users because of its simplified interface and new features.

Such features include camera translation feature, translation without a data connection, dark mode, and many more.

It allows over 108 languages to translate by typing, while it can translate 59 languages in offline mode.

It can translate 94 languages just by using the camera translate option. Moreover, users can also search for any word by handwriting. If you don’t want to type anything, just draw text characters instead of typing.

As of now it has received a massive user response and is used by millions of users in a single day. Furthermore, if we look into its alternative, then iTranslate is its best alternative. Which is also downloaded by over 50M users.

iTranslate can translate almost 100 languages and has features like Camera Translate, offline mode, and voice translation. Google Translate and iTranslate both are available on Google Play Store and App Store.