YouTube tested new Translate feature let users browse videos in Native Language


YouTube content has begun showing a native translate option recently observed by some users via Android Police. The auto-translation for video titles, descriptions was tested by the users from English to Portuguese, and Turkish.

This translation feature was powered by Google Translate, however, only few users spotted it, while we could expect it for further languages as well in the near future.

This language appreciation for YouTube is getting acknowledged by the users. It provides the users a chance to understands the browsed content easily in an understandable way.

YouTube titles auto-translated into Spanish Image Source (Android Police)

The translatable browsed content is even more popular among the community so it gets more like a cupcake by the people. This update does not appear on the server-side by updating it through the play store. It is a simultaneous strategy. That is still under process. So the only appearable languages for these steps are English into Portuguese and Turkish.

YouTube Videos translated into Portuguese and Turkish (Source: Android Police)

YouTube Translate

Both of them are not highly acknowledged at the international level but still, both of them are playing their conventional role for the sake of reliability.

This expanded task requires even more effort. Youtube’s new Translation tool also supports the fan base videos more intellectually. Google browsing approach and reachable audience, at their edges are being facilitated from it in a highly comprehensive way.

All the video titles, description modes, and YouTube franchise choices are automatic gets translated. That provides an easy approach to every searched item.

YouTube and Google authentication always tends to prioritize the audience in every condition. Every time while introducing something lit, the experts put the comfort and reliability of users in front.

So that the epic changes will let them gain outstanding results after launching. YouTube’s new Translation tool is also an example of the mutual effort of YouTube and Google authentications. So, the update’s pop-up will be soon available for users to approach in both the desktop and mobile versions of it.