YouTube TV App may disappear from Roku devices as safety concerns


Roku is one of the most recognized hardware brands of digital media players. It is very popular due to its streaming services in the US. People rely upon it securely and enjoy the latest updates, TV shows, and all the relevant interesting stuff.

But for the past few times, it is facing some legal and undesirable clash stories with Google authorities. The Roku is of the view that they will stop streaming Youtube TV, due to safety concerns. Google and Youtube gather on the people’s daily searches and tend to be the effect on them.

Roku wants to convey a flawless activity and maintain the partnership because this is only the benefits end of both sides. Both Roku and as well as the Google need to be together to hit the record revenue.

Roku does not want to cut off YouTube TV streaming because it is the most popular as well as highly authenticated platform in the US society. But if things go wrong this will need to happen.

On the other end, the story is different. Google authorities are of the view that they also went efforts for making the customer end highly secure because they put all the customer services on priority.

“We (Google) ourselves are not on the point of violating the personal space of anyone. And the authorities are thinking themselves at the edge of solving the matter with keen discussion”.

Roku informs the audience about all this matter of fuss through e-mail. The developers might be got an advantage in this situation.

Google Chromecast is the biggest competitor and rival of Roku. So they, by gaining the real interest of fans about secure browsing, can win their confidence and fanship.

In short, the situation is quite controversial and it considers to be a Digital war between two renowned platforms. The things need to be solved in a highly possible and reliable way.