Dying Light 2 lead game designer answered the most frequent questions


Dying Light 2 developers recently revealed a development update. Also asked users to send their questions about DL2. According to the developers, they have received over 9K questions till now.

DL2 Lead game designer Tymon Smektala said that we have chosen the best relevant question. The game lead designer has answered few questions which were asked frequently by the fans.

The Dying Light 2 AMA Episode 1 just includes the most appearing questions by the fans. Which are answered by Tymon Smektala. The first question which was asked frequently is,

  • How big is the map of Dying Light 2?

In response, the lead designer said that it’s double the size of Dying Light 1. The map is almost six square km big, which is almost seven square km. Doubling the size of DL1 makes the DL2 map. Users will experience hundreds of buildings, which have multiple floors in them. According to him, there are Skyscrapers, roofs, as well as bridges. All these are merged in the map.

Furthermore, they have chosen almost 8 questions, regarding new zombie characters, weapons and guns, and many more. You can check all the asked questions and their answers by the lead designer in the given video.