Dying Light 2 development update, everything we know so far


Dying Light 2 the upcoming sequel of Dying Light was first introduced at the Microsoft E3 press conference 2018. The first trailer of the game was announced back in E3 2019. The developers have set the release date for spring 2020.

Dying light 2 E3 2019 Trailer

But somehow due to some critical issues the game was delayed. Since that time, the gaming nerds are waiting for the most favourite Dying Light 2.

Recently, Techland tweeted on a social media platform and said that “We have got a few words to share with you about Dying Light 2 development process”.

The development update was revealed on March 17 first on the official discord channel. Later on, it was disclosed on other social media platforms.

The development update was shared in a video by the developers. Also, the video includes a short teaser of the Dying Light 2 gameplay.

In the video message the developers mentioned that we need time to make the project worthwhile, as it is a complex and huge project. Another developer from team Techland says that

“All of us here are putting our hearts into delivering a game that you will keep playing for months. We will be ready to start talking about Dying Light 2 very soon”.

From the development update video, it seems that the company is going to release the game this year somehow.

Another developer from that team said that

“The Whole team need your trust and support as this what motivates us especially now when the circumstances are hard for everyone. We are proud to have such devoted fans as you, no matter how you express your feelings”.

After the developer’s message, there is also a 15 seconds short snippet. Nothing more has revealed yet, but the game is expected to be released this year.


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