Pubg Mobile Lite Season 23 end date and Season 24 arrival revealed


Pubg Mobile Lite the lighter version of Pubg Mobile has just got some serious popularity across the globe. The toned-down version of Pubg Mobile has been developed for low-end phones. The game has a minimum requirement of 1 GB Ram and requires 600 MB free space.

Pubg Mobile Lite Season 23

Pubg Mobile Lite Season 23 end date has been revealed by Sportskeeda, the winner pass is going to end on 30th April. Season 23 is currently live and the users can still collect rewards by completing daily missions. Also – Read Pubg Mobile Kr Version will soon be banned outside Korea and Japan

This is the part of the game, every month the developers release a new Season for its die-hard fans. Which includes several new rewards, skins and more.

Once the current season end on April 30, the RP section will then closed for some time. After which the Season 24 will be released for users on May 1st. Also – Read Pubg Mobile Lite 0.20.0 Global Version released, here is all you need to know.

However, the formula of getting the Royal pass is still the same as Pubg Mobile. WP have two categories of Passes, the Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. The standard Elite Pass cost 280 BC, while the Elite Pass Plus cost 800 BC. This depends on the users need.

Players still have pretty much time to enjoy the current season and collect the rewards.