Dying Light 2 is the most awaited game, still in development. The successor to the old Dying Light has recently got a development update. In which the developing team has disclosed a short snippet and have shared few words with the fans.

The Dying Light 2 was first introduced at Microsoft E3 press conference back in 2018. However, techland then announced that the game will be released somehow in 2020. Unfortunately, it was then delayed, and till now it’s been in development.

Most of the gaming nerds were frequently asking for the Dying Light 2 release. In contrast to that, they have released a video on their official discord channel.

Recently an interview was taken by Wccftech, in which they have asked several important questions most fans have in their minds.

Dying Light 2 features & Modes

Tymon mentioned that we need some time to make sure everything works perfectly, as recently we have released a short snippet about the gameplay. We plan to reach and restart the communications very soon.

He also answered another question regarding the gameplay hours, in which he mentioned that

“If you rush it, you should be able to finish the story in roughly 20 hours. But to see it all, you’d have to spend 2-3 times more time than that. Our opening area alone can last for over 7-8 hours if you want to explore every nook and cranny, so there’s absolutely a lot to play here “.

According to Tomasz, (Rendering Director) disclosed that we are planning to allow users to choose the quality they want. There will be also a ray tracing feature and other graphical modes. Users will be able to play the game at 60 fps and 4K resolution. He mentioned that we are working our best to bring each and every aspect to this huge project. However, I can’t share further details at this time.

Furthermore, the game is still in development and still, there is a lot more to go for. However, Techland may release this huge project later this year, till then we have to wait. The Dying Light 2 will be available on the next-generation consoles including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.


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