Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has been ranked amongst the best smartphones of 2021. The iPhone 12 lineup was released last year with a major improvement in design as well as hardware-wise.

Recently, Consumer Reports listed the iPhone 12 Pro Max as the best smartphone of 2021. They ranked any of the flagship devices on the basis of their battery life, display brightness, it’s camera performance and it’s performance in day to day usage.

Several other phones have also been declared as the best smartphones of 2021. This includes Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G in Android Category, OnePlus Nord N10 5G in the budget category.

The consumer report also declared the OnePlus Nord N100 as the best phone for all-day battery life.

However, besides this, they mentioned that the 12 pro max will cost you just $100 more than the 12 Pro. But actually, it’s worthwhile, the battery life of the pro max is better than the 12 Pro. On the other side, you got a slightly bigger display along with a better camera.

Besides this, the consumer reports have also declared the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max as the best iPhone’s.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is a complete package phone, that has a 5G network, an A14 Chipset, an OLED display and a huge battery. The consumer report also cited that the phone is slightly heavier than the 12 Pro, so it would be tricky to use it with only one hand. Overall it’s been ranked as the best iPhone.


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