WhatsApp Web/Desktop version has finally got voice and video call feature. The voice and video calling feature work on Windows 10 64-bits and Apple MacOS 10.13. WhatsApp also released a new web version update for Android users. The WhatsApp desktop version is available on WhatsApp official website. Windows and macOS users can download the desktop version from here.

WhatsApp Web/Desktop Version

The WhatsApp developers never regret their users and always introduced something epic for the user’s approach. Same as before here is also a new deal and package for the WhatsApp web/desktop users.

A few years ago developers smoothen the path by introducing the interface of the app. This is reliable to too much extent. People do not need to consult the phone again and again while in meetings.

But still, there appears some lags and bugs. People can only chat through the desktop version of WhatsApp. Keeping the need for calling and video chatting in mind, the launcher manages the settings of the application. Thus introduce a revolutionized feature of calling also.

The users can get this change by installing the latest version of desktop applications. The app requirements are highly reliable for Windows 10. Without creating any fuss, the users can install and enjoy the calling area.

As far as, the interface is concerned, there are no such changes that can cause disturbance for the system or the users. It has the same set of audio and video calls.

It has the same phone and video camera icon on the top right corner of the chatbox. By clicking the icon the call will be managed easily.

The only thing that is important for functioning is Webcam authentication along with the proper audio system of the desktop. The users can even plug-in headphones for stopping sound disturbance during calls.

All-in-all the company is at the high end of fulfilling the daily users’ requirements in a highly extended way.


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