COD Mobile Season 2 Update is out now for Global Version


COD Mobile developers recently confirmed the arrival of the Season 2 update with plenty of features. Activision revealed all the new weapons, modes, characters and features for Season 2. Now it has been confirmed that the Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Global update is rolled out.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2
Image Source: Call of Duty Mobile News (Twitter)

Two new maps have been added to the game named Shoot House and Shipment. The maps will have similarity to the COD veterans and are taken from Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Besides this, there are two new weapons, the weapon named VAL will be free in the battle pass Season 2. While the second weapon will be available later in the seasonal events section.

Users will be able to enjoy the new BR Tank Mode. So the gameplay will be more intense and thrilling. As we all know that there will be a new Scorestreak feature specially named Naplam. Naplam is basically an Air Support, players can easily call for an Airstrike deploying UAV bombs on their enemies to clear the battlefield area.

As the Call of Duty News has tweeted regarding the COD Mobile Season 2 update, mentioned that the update is now available globally. To know more regarding the Call Of Duty news and updates stay connected.


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