COD Mobile will get its major update next week. Activision has confirmed the arrival of new maps, weapons, and a lot more for Season 2. The developers recently tweeted on their Twitter account revealing new maps, modes, weapons and new features.

COD Mobile New Maps

Call of Duty Mobile is getting two new maps, which may be from Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The Patch update will be released next week; however, the official release date isn’t confirmed yet.

The multiplayer map is coming to Season 2 named Shoot House and Shipment. Players will enjoy new intense gameplay in both these new maps.

New Weapons, Modes & Air Strike

COD Mobile Season 2 will feature new weapons and modes. The developers have confirmed the arrival of a new weapon known as VAL. This new weapon will be available for free in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

That’s not over, there is also a new BR Mode (Tank Battle). In this seasonal update, players will also get to enjoy a new BR Mode, in which the Tank Battle is being added to the game.

COD Mobile BR Mode

Besides this, there is also a new feature (Call for Air Support). With the New Scorestreak Naplam, you can easily call air support. This will help you clear your path with Naplam Explosion. All these new features are coming next week as part of the Season 2 battle pass.

COD Mobile Air Support

New Character from Modern Warfare

COD Mobile Season 2 Day of Reckoning will also get a new famous character from Modern Warfare. Along with all these new maps, weapons and modes, the players will enjoy the intense gameplay by choosing the Ghost Character.

COD Mobile Chinese Version

As it is reported that the COD Mobile Chinese version will get the new Coastal Map. The Coastal Map renders has been revealed on the Call of Duty News Twitter account. The Coastal Map will be added to the Chinese Version in Season 2.


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