Premier League Predictions for 2020-2021


So, Messi isn’t joining Manchester City anytime soon, and this means the citizens will have to battle for the Premier League title with “only” a bunch of world superstars on their squad.

Hello, and welcome to our Premier League 2020/2021 betting tips where we will find out why there is zero value on betting the 4/5 odds that you get for Manchester City to win the EPL.

Who will win the English Premier League in the 2020/2021 season?

The short answer is that currently, the value pick is Liverpool at 9/4. The team managed to grab the title last year after a 30-year pause, and boy did they win the EPL. Liverpool scored 85 goals (which wasn’t the most in the league) but managed the win the matches that matter the most and ended up a champion by a margin of 18 points against the runner-up Man City.

So will Liverpool win the EPL in 2021?

We don’t see why not. The team has kept its core players, and the most crucial star – Jurgen Klopp, is still there. Yes, the group’s star is the coach, and if you hear otherwise, it’s wrong. The German manager changed the culture of the team, and winning is now not optional. Liverpool won the Champions League a year ago and will be after all trophies they can get. The scary thing is not the goals you will concede against Liverpool but the fact that you will have a hard time scoring against them. 

Manchester City and their chances to win the 2020/2021 Premier League

We have a feeling that this team will start running on fumes any time soon. Yes, De Bruyne could be the best midfielder in the world right now, but we aren’t sure about the chemistry in that locker room. On the upside, the average age of “the Citizens” is only 26 years old. This puts them in a perfect spot to be good for the upcoming years, but it looks like Liverpool is poised to repeat. The price of 4/5 for Man City doesn’t give you any value this year.

Chelsea might also be up there.

Being a Chelsea legend as a player, Frank Lampard is now on his way to become the hottest “young” manager in the league (No offense Mikel Arteta). The team won the EPL in 2014 and 2016, and this wasn’t so long ago. Now the squad is way more talented than last year, and we anticipate their chemistry to be good too. Watch out for a run.

Manchester United may have to wait a year or two to win the EPL.

It is unclear how good Manchester United will be, mainly given the fact that their Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær may not last the whole season. This team is an enigma but may very well push for a top 4 spot.

Tottenham Hotspur may really get hot in the 2020/2021 EPL.

Manager José Mourinho has a knack of lifting teams up during his 2nd and 3rd season in charge. This may be the case with Tottenham, so we have to watch out. The current odds of 50/1 for Tottenham to lift the trophy represent a fantastic value. One thing is for sure – José will unlikely last there for 2 or 3 more years.

Arsenal is desperately changing its culture.

Wow, isn’t it surprising how we talk about a culture change about one of the most prominent EPL history teams? A string of relatively bad season, nay, a decade of bad seasons has led us to this point. Now the Gunners hope that ex-player Mikel Arteta can finally improve the defence to have championship aspirations again. 

Our tips for some of the week 1 matches in the 2020/2021 Premier League Season

Let’s look at a few games that we think are worth your attention in week 1 this season.

Fulham vs. Arsenal (12 Sep 12:30)

This game doesn’t give us a lot of value. The away team is favoured heavily, and we don’t necessarily like that. Yes, Willian will lace them up for Arsenal, but the victory is not certain. We would look at the “draw” selection at 16/5, but it’s not something we are betting.

West Ham vs. Newcastle (12 Sep 15:00)

The chemistry that West Ham has should be good because they retained many of their players from last season. Newcastle had to claw to remain in the EPL. The price of 11/10 for West Ham to win looks like something most bettors should back. Go with it.

Crystal Palace vs. Southampton (12 Sep 15:00)

Here’s a fun one. Southampton is our “dark horse” to make the top 6 this year. They landed a couple of exciting players this summer (Salisu and Walker-Peters), so we should all watch out for them. However, the match is taking place at Selhurst Park, so we might as well be prepared to bet the “draw.” 

Liverpool vs. Leeds United (12 Sep 17:30)

This one promises to be an exciting match on so many levels. Liverpool will be under scrutiny for its start of the new season, while everyone will also want to see Leeds play in the EPL since 2004. According to the bookies, though, this will be a complete dismantling by Liverpool. There’s no value betting the “match result” market here.

West Bromwich vs. Leicester (13 Sep 14:00)

If there can be a surprise tip this week, this is it. We think that WBA has a solid chance to start the season with a win. The odds of 13/5 for that to happen are pretty lucrative. West Bromwich signed some excellent players this off-season, and it will be interesting to see how they mesh up. When it comes to Leicester, though, the absence of Ben Chilwell will likely be evident, so we don’t really count on the team to win on the road in Week 1. Bet the home team.

Tottenham vs. Everton (13 Sep 16:30)

Tottenham is a relatively big favourite against Everton on Sunday, and we see why. “The Special One” has a tendency of dramatically improving his teams in year 2. The recent signings are proof that. Having signed Allan, Everton will also want to start the year strong, but they kick-off the season with an away game, which will prove challenging. The value is there for Tottenham, and this is actually our best bet. Bet Tottenham to win at 4/5.

Brighton vs. Chelsea (14 Sep 20:00)

We anticipate Chelsea to come out swinging, so we don’t really see value in this game. It is thought that a club with this many new signings will need time to establish chemistry, but we believe that all these new pieces will be eager to show they deserve a spot on the team. The 4/1 for Brighton is lucrative, but we aren’t betting this game.

Sheffield vs. Wolves (14 SEP 20:00)

The overachieving Sheffield side is hosting the Wolves late on Monday and will hope to concede zero goals in the season opener. While their defence is the team’s staple, we expect Sheffield also to seek opportunities to score. The Wolves signed and lost some core players, and we doubt their potential to win on the road. The most logical bet here would be the “draw.”

The top markets to bet in the 2020/2021 EPL season.

Obviously, most people like betting the Match betting market when it comes to football, but we often find value elsewhere.

Total goals

The O/U goals market is a very fun one because it doesn’t concern you who will win the match. All you want is many goals or very few goals. With the EPL, the former is typically correct. Last season, the premier league saw an average of 2.72 goals being scored per match. This makes us lean towards the “over 2.5 goals” market regularly. However, we have to pay attention to the odds because they will not always be in our favour.

First Half Match result
this is a very fun market because careful preparation will pay off. Look for teams who score or do not score in the first half regularly. Explore their tendencies and make a bet accordingly. If you win this bet, you get to watch the 2nd half of the match without worrying about the outcome or goals.


What happens when we see that Liverpool is a 1/7 favourite to win a match at home versus a bottom feeder? Well, we bet the handicap because we seek value. Often, especially early in the season, teams will want to score as many goals as possible to establish dominance in the league. Look for such matches in the early game weeks and bet the heavy favourites to win by more than a goal or two.

To finish in the top 4

This is an outright market, but it has been a very popular one for the EPL for years. Now that more clubs have been established as “top teams,” there is more unpredictability when it comes to betting the market. We suggest you look for value options. These are typically teams expected to finish 6th or 7th, but these teams are also likely to make a push for the top 4.


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