Rep. Ilhan Omar Supports Guaranteed Income and Universal Child Benefit


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has supported two proposals that could provide millions of American families with more stimulus checks in 2023. One suggestion would be to create a guaranteed income program to send monthly cash payments to adults and children. The other proposal would make the expanded child tax credit permanent and universal.

Guaranteed Income Through the SUPPORT Act

Omar wrote in an op-ed that she would continue to advocate for guaranteed income through legislative proposals like the SUPPORT Act 1. This bill would give $1,200 per month to every adult and $600 per month to every child through local governments for five years.

Omar said successful guaranteed income pilot programs inspired this bill in cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul, where she represents.

However, this bill needs more support in Congress to pass sometime soon. The Motley Fool reported no majority support for more stimulus checks in 2023 unless there is another recession.

Universal Child Benefit Through the End Child Poverty Act

Omar also re-introduced the End Child Poverty Act with Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Jesús García (D-Ill.). This bill would replace the current child the earned income tax credit with a Universal Child Benefit.

This program would give every family a monthly payment of up to $4,000 per child, with a maximum of $10,500, for childcare. But the child must be under age 5. The Social Security Administration would distribute the amounts and not depend on income or tax liability.

Omar said this program would cut childhood poverty by nearly two-thirds and help families afford basics like food, rent, childcare, and healthcare.

She also praised Minnesota’s plan to expand the state’s child tax credit, giving $1,000 per child to families earning less than $50,000. She said that Congress must take federal action to address child poverty and permanently expand the child tax credit.

Stimulus Check 2023 Update

While some states are still sending Stimulus Checks in 2023, such as California, Colorado, and Delaware, there is no sign of another round of federal stimulus checks this year.

The IRS has announced the deadline for taxpayers to claim their 2019 refunds: July 20, 2023. Some taxpayers may receive smaller refunds this year due to the need for stimulus payments and other factors.