Many Americans are still waiting for some relief from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there have been no federal stimulus checks this year, some states are sending their payments to eligible residents.

Here are some of the states that are offering stimulus check 2023 programs this month.


The state has two programs that provide rebates to low-income residents. The food tax rebate program gives $99 to individuals and $302 to families who meet the income limits.

The deadline to apply is June 30. The property tax and heat rebate program gives up to $1,044 to seniors, surviving spouses, and disabled people who meet the income and spending criteria.
The deadline to apply is June 10.

North Carolina

Greensboro has a low-income homeowner assistance program gives $150 to residents who have lived in their primary residence for at least five years and have a property tax value of no more than $250,000. The deadline to apply was June 15.


The city of Ann Arbour has launched a guaranteed income program that will give $528 per month to 100 low-income entrepreneurs for two years.

However, The program collaborates with the University of Michigan and aims to help people involved in gig work, home-based businesses, or services to friends or neighbors.
However, the income limit for this program is 300 percent of the federal poverty level.


The state has a relief rebate program that gives $300 to every adult resident who filed income taxes in 2021. The program was designed to help people cope with higher prices at grocery stores and gas stations. The payments were sent out in May or June, depending on when the application was submitted.

These are some of the states that are still sending stimulus check 2023 payments to their residents. For more information on eligibility and application, visit the official websites of the state or city agencies.