At the start of October, investors, traders, and crypto experts saw a massive uptrend in the coin, which rose by over 355% and hit the mark of $0.000001386 at the start of the month and ended up at the price of $0.000006302 at the end of the same month. However, then we all witnessed further volatility in it, and its price dropped.

For most of November, the price of “SafeMoon” has seen significant ups and downs. Thus, bears got an unpleasant surprise when the coin price hit the base level at $0.00000271.

Since last month, SAFEMOON’s price has been on a downfall. However, after reaching its highest price of 0.00000700 USD, the altcoin has lost its strength against other significant digital assets.

Furthermore, after again reaching the price of 0.0000027, investors have again started looking at the SafeMoon. Also, experts have predicted that the bullish breakout will cause a cryptocurrency price spike.

In a nutshell, despite being stuck in a bearish triangle, the price of SAFEMOON has a bright future ahead. Hence, the upcoming bullish breakout will lift the price of this digital token to $0.00000400.

Last but not least, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) has given further support to a bullish breakout for the altcoin.

SafeMoon Price Analysis

Experts and analysts believe that the price of digital altcoin will increase rapidly, but only for a short time, after which the bears will close their positions. A temporary increase in demand for this coin will happen after this, resulting in a bullish breakout above the red descending trend line.

This red descending trend line has been capping reactions during the November descent. Aside from that, the red descending trade line will see more coin purchases.

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SafeMoon Price Prediction

Is it possible to predict any digital coin, particularly SafeMoon? We’ve done analysis and predictions regarding its price.

Therefore, look at the price predictions with caution. Furthermore, different crypto experts have different predictions. So take these predictions with a pinch of salt. Also, please do your research before investing in it.

The following are some of the predictions regarding SafeMoon’s price. Let’s have a look at the predictions for the digital coin below.

  • A fintech expert site, Wallet Investor, has suggested that SafeMoon’s price will reach an average of $0.000003 by the end of 2021.
  • Besides this, the price will go up to almost $0.000003 in November 2022. Surprisingly, the crypto firm has also forecasted the price for 2026. The fintech site believes that the SafeMoon price in 2026 will be almost $0.000001. 
  • In contrast, DigitalCoin’s SafeMoon price prediction for 2021 shows that its price will reach an average of $0.0000045041 by the end of this year. While in the case of its price prediction for 2025, the crypto firm predicts that it could hit the mark of $0.0000086925 in November 2025

Since it’s a new coin, therefore, the SafeMoon price prediction for 2030 remains scarce. 


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