Since last week, i.e. November 18, the price of SHIBA Inu has been on recovery. However, it has been forming a bearish pattern on a 4-hour chart. Besides this, the current trend of selling tokens might lead to a further decrease in the price despite already losses that occurred in the past week and days.

On the other hand, some experts believe that the price loss or gain of the token will depend totally on a critical support level. If you’ve come here to read the trends of the Shiba coin, then read till the end for all the support levels, resistance levels, trends (bearish or bullish), and the coin’s market cap.

Furthermore, after hitting its ATH, the price of SHIB Token has been downtrend and has decreased almost 57 percent from that all-time price. Isn’t this mixed attitude from the meme-coin?? Let us know in the comments.

As per the opinions of some analysts, investors, and traders, they indicate that from now onwards, the price can pump and also hit the targets of ATH.

As mentioned above, the price has witnessed a downtrend of almost 60 percent. Therefore, the digital token has been looking for turning points. Recently, the price of Shiba Inu Coin broke the psychological as well as support level of 0.$00004. As it was dealing with this downtrend, the next support level of 0.0000353 USD is near.

SHIB/USDT Price Forecast. Source: Trading View

Before investing in the crypto world, you should always pay attention to the trend line. If the trend line breaks, this will be a good sign for buying opportunities.

As we all know, Shiba Inu was created after the formation of Dogecoin, which had the same logo as the Japanese dog breed- Shiba Inu.

Therefore, the creators of the SHIB token decided to take advantage of the Doge, and they ended up creating rivalry crypto of it. However, both the rivalry tokens have an enormous coin supply, but SHIB has the edge over it.

Since Shiba Inu has a slightly more circulating supply of tokens, Shiba Inu’s price is also less than Doge.

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Shiba Inu Price Coin Prediction

The prices of altcoins are difficult to predict for just one year. However, predicting straight away for four years is a challenging task.

According to experts, if SHIB continues to adopt on a larger scale by the public and government level, then there’re chances of the digital coin to reach $0.0005 at the end of 2025. However, this is a highly tenuous prediction. Therefore, do your research as well.

Note, the predictions are just predictions; no one can be 100 percent sure about the next move of the digital coins. Therefore, it is the best activity to do your research before investing in crypto.

Also, invest little or that amount of money which you can bear the loss in case of a downtrend of the digital currency. Last but not least, don’t take these predictions and analyses as a piece of financial and investment advice.


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