One of the most popular games ever, Grand Theft Auto 5 is so good that it’s still going strong eight years after its release. GTA Online continues to be a huge success with new content coming out soon for both PS4 and Xbox One gamers!

Leaker Tom Henderson on the Gold Gold Podcast has dropped some new information on rumors of a GTA Remastered Trilogy. In an interview with TheMW2Ghost, he states that while it is likely one will come this year, his sources have heard different reports about its release date and content details.

An industry insider has revealed his thoughts on recent news regarding the GTA Remastered trilogy. While he hasn’t heard much about their potential release date, he does not believe that it will arrive this year as originally thought by other industry insiders and media outlets.

The MW2Ghost says that there is a possibility of the remastered trilogy coming out this year and Henderson thinks we might see it in 2022.

Rockstar Games has always been secretive, so it is unlikely we will get anything new at the PlayStation Showcase. However, if there’s one thing Rockstar knows how to do well (besides making good games). It’s perfecting what already exists and expanding on their current titles. Perhaps this year they’ll show us a release of GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced Edition!

Besides this, GTA 5 is making its next-gen debut this November and the original series is getting remastered for current consoles. Get ready with all of your buddies because everyone needs a little more Grand Theft Auto in their lives right now!


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