iOS 15 new translation feature makes it possible to Translate Live text


iOS 15 is coming soon and will be packed with features, including a new translation feature that can translate just about any text on your iPhone’s screen.

Now anyone running the iOS 15 beta can test out a powerful new translation tool on their device. The update will be available for all iOS devices sometime in the coming months.

It is now possible to translate any text you select on your iPhone with this latest translation feature. The caveat to this, however, is that it will not work for images or graphics (usually seen with games). But most other texts should be translated perfectly fine.

If you would like the translations to be offline and saved onto your device instead of being displayed over an internet connection. Then simply toggle on ‘Offline Mode‘ when starting up the first time after updating! Here’s how: 

To use it, long-tap the word or sentence and select “Translate” from the pop-up menu. You can also scroll over until you see “Translate”. Tap the arrow for more options. The translated text will appear in a small window at top of the screen alongside whatever apps are open; copy & share translated texts by tapping buttons below the window too.

The first time you select Translate, a warning will pop up that the selected text will be sent to Apple for translation. Then, in a pop-up card format, both your original and translated texts will appear with options such as copy or change languages.

To use the iOS 15 text translation feature in offline mode, open an app that has selectable text like Safari or Google Maps. Then simply highlight any words you don’t understand and tap “Detect Language.”

From there, choose your desired language to translate it on the fly without needing WiFi! If you want to translate images of written texts (or other media), be sure to try out some apps such as Google Translate which can do just that even when not connected online.

How to enable offline translation in iOS 15

  • Simply go to your settings
  • Then click on Translation and Toggle On Device Translation.