Twitter on iOS got one more advantage as compared to Twitter on Android. The iOS users can now easily share tweets to their Instagram stories. The feature is rolling out for everyone on iOS and can be simply used just by clicking the Twitter Share icon.

Twitter announces that now iOS users can share their tweets on Instagram stories. By merely clicking on the “Share” option, the choice of “Instagram Stories” in the dialogue boss will appear.

The authorities always want to create easiness for their audience. No doubt, you have the option of manually uploading your tweet to social sites by screenshotting the tweet. But by the introduction of the “Instagram Stories” reel, you will be able to manage things more easily.

This convenience is just for Twitter content sharing. Instagram sharing still faces the URL appearance if someone wants to share the Instagram post on Twitter.

This reliability will cause the users to show official twitter’s account content more sophisticatedly on another social (platform)

One drawback to the following is that the convenience is only for iOS users. Android devices do not hold this feature. They were still required to screenshot the posts and upload the content at the site where they wanted to share it.

This step can be an excellent up-taking to iOS developers but still, it does not approach the audience most successfully because only almost 24.26% of the world’s community are utilizing and benefiting from the iOS devices while the rest of 72.72% are using android.

The clear margin represents the appreciation of twitter’s content sharing step. Apart from these speculations, Twitter has made the system more convenient for sharing purposes.


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