Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned in a recent interview with Brut, that “Android has 47 times more malware than iOS does”. The reason why iOS is more secure is they don’t offer side loading. Cook said that iOS has just one App Store and every app is reviewed while going live on the store.

The reason why Apple is more secured is it keeps all of the malware stuff out of their ecosystem. They don’t offer any side loading, while Android does.

In case if Apple intends to allow sideloading apps it will demolish the security and privacy of iOS. Cook mentioned that for our user’s security and privacy is the first priority, that’s why we keep our ecosystem more secure and stable.

Moreover, Cook said that if DMA force to allow sideloading apps on iOS, it would completely damage iOS security.

Furthermore, Cook said that,

“I am exceedingly optimistic about the intersection of technology and health. When we started shipping the watch we did so by thinking about it from a wellness point of view. But we put a heart rate sensor on it, and I was getting tons of emails from people who found heart problems that they didn’t know about. So we started adding more function to the watch”.

Despite this, Cook was asked about the upcoming products and Apple Car. In response, he said that “In terms of Apple Car, I have got to keep some secrets”.


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