Shiba Token is expected to land on the Robinhood trading platform


Shiba Token (SHIB): The coin is expected to be listed on the Robinhood platform. It’s not on the financial services company (Robinhood) yet, but some of the investors are trying to make it happen. Earlier a petition for SHIB on has been made. The purpose is to list it on the stock trading app.

It wasn’t expected that the petition will get a huge boost, however according to Newsweek, it becomes the 10th largest petition on

Shiba coin petition

Once it becomes listed, there will be a huge surge in its market value. Moreover, people on social media are trying to push its value. Same in the case with Dogecoin, a hashtag (#dogecointo1dollar) become trending recently. Both Dogecoin and Shiba token will occupy their market value soon.

Shiba token, which is inspired by Dogecoin, and was created last year has received a huge response in no time. Despite this, no one was expecting its high markup in just 3 – 4 months. some experts say that Shiba might overtake Dogecoin in market value. Now we are not sure when it is going to happen but it seems something like that.

The petition which was signed for the SHIB coin has received over 102,302 signatures. which is unbelievable, the person who signed it has set a target to reach 150,000 signatures. As it seems, people are going to make it happen.

Some analysts on social media are predicting that its value is expected to hit $0.000085. According to predictions most of the analysts suggest buying Shiba coins. The reason is a huge rise in its value.