Shiba Inu coin rise by 15.55%: Is it the right time to buy Shiba Token?


The price of decentralized digital currency has been increasing since its development. The development team of meme token – Shiba Inu Coin has been adding new functions and facilities to the digital asset on daily basis.

The new functions are added in the crypto to attract the investors to invest within the token as well as to increase the value of the Ethereum-based crypto.

To recall, Shiba increased up to 13.06% in its value, especially during the general positives that the crypto industry has experienced this month. Moreover, at the time of writing this article (16 August 2021), it trades at $0.00000902, which is almost a 15.55% rise from the last day.

After seeing this rise from the meme token, it has seen several investors willing to buy it. This digital asset grows more in the last eight months than the whole previous year.

So the answer to your question of whether is it the right time to buy Shiba Coin or not depends upon the rally from the crypto. However, the coin has shown much potential and continuously increasing its value as compared to its rival -Dogecoin for example.

Therefore, depending upon the current situation of various cryptos if you are willing to buy this crypto token then it can be a good deal for you. As mentioned, it is showing great confidence to attract investors and they’re attracted towards it too. Hence, you can invest it in the crypto token now or buy it.

Shiba Inu Coin: Dogecoin Killer?

According to the developers and investors of SHIBA Token, it is the killer of the most famous meme-crypto – Dogecoin. Although Dogecoin has supports from the CEO of Space X and Tesla – Elon Musk and also Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire investor.

On the contrary, Shiba Inu Coin has been rapidly increasing its price day by day without any back or support from billionaire investors. With said that, Shiba Inu already leading the market of token coins without any support from big brands and celebrities. As a result, we can say that it can take place of meme cryptocurrency.