Dogecoin investors are trying hard to regain its market value


Dogecoin a meme coin could reach $1 in value, as the investors are trying to push its value. Yesterday Twitter users had tweeted using the hashtag #Dogecointo1dollar, the hashtag becomes the top trending on Twitter.

However, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX step in to the ground and tweeted a meme regarding DogeCoin. After Elon Musk tweet the price of DogeCoin hyped up to 30% in value.

Obviously, the price will hype once the big whales landed on the battlefield of cryptocurrency. If we look back on Elon Musk’s tweet about bitcoin, the price ever got increases suddenly after a single tweet about bitcoin. “That Tesla will accept cryptocurrency as payment”. “He also mentioned that Tesla had bought $1.5bn worth of bitcoin“, which surged its value up to $48k.

Furthermore, the coin is expected to go high, as recently Coinbase Pro has announced to list the coin on their platform. Despite this, the coin will not be on yet, either on the Coinbase app.

On Jan 1, the value of DogeCoin was almost $0.005, while it increases up to $0.42 yesterday. For over a week the investor’s struggle has brought up the true color.

Moreover, a DogeCoin inspirational Coin named (Shiba Inu) is gradually going upward. The predictions have so far been made by different analysts, who mentioned that it would reach up to $0.50. While Wallet Investor also predicted that it would go up to $0.038 by June 2021 and $0.048 by the end of this year.

Optimistically, dogecoin and Shiba seem to revert back to it’s subsisting value and so far, the investment would be lucrative.