Valorant, the popular tactical free-to-play shooter game is getting its mobile version. Riot recently announced the mobile version, which is not yet confirmed when it is arriving.

The PC version of the game just received a huge response within a year. The markup of monthly users has been reached 14 million. however, the developers finally announced to have this on the mobile platform as well. In the era of mobile phones, every single person is hitched to it. Due to which people like me, mostly prefer to play games on mobile devices rather than sitting in front of a desktop.

Despite this, Riot’s mission is to expand it to more users around the world. This will lead the franchise to be more popular around players from the globe, just like Pubg Mobile, COD Mobile, and Fortnite.

Furthermore, another hit game, known as “Apex Legends Mobile” is also coming to the mobile platform. The closed beta was recently announced just for India and the Philippines.

Nothing more has revealed yet, but the only thing which Riot has disclosed is that it will be named Valorant Mobile.


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