Apex Legends Mobile new leaks appeared regarding its registration


Apex Legends Mobile the upcoming battle royale mobile version is on its way. The game directors have recently confirmed in a blog post, however, its release date isn’t announced yet.

The game was first launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. While for Nintendo Switch was released a year later.

Just like Call of Duty Mobile, Pubg Mobile, and Fortnite, this will be the new addition and a new choice for Android and iOS users. The game will be first released on Android, later on for iOS.

Apex Legends Mobile Closed Beta

The closed beta testing is starting in India and the Philippines. The game is still in beta testing to ensure better and bugs free gameplay. It will not launch across the globe at the same time. It may cause huge server problems.

Moreover, it will be open for registration once the closed beta testing is done. Recent leaks via Sportskeeda mentioned that it is already up for registration, while users won’t be able to start the game.

Furthermore, the game is expected to arrive later this year. While there isn’t any official announcement made yet.

Other regions can expect the closed beta in the near future, but there isn’t any news of when the developers are going to announce the beta version for other regions.

The reason for starting the closed beta from India is to gain more attention and a huge response. As still Pubg Mobile is banned in India, in contrast to that this will be a piece of cake.

Besides this, Pubg Mobile India may launch soon as Battlegrounds Mobile India, as the officials have confirmed its arrival.