Free Fire OB27 update to bring new characters, features and many more

Free Fire OB27 update is going to arrive on April 14th officially. Recently the developers have rolled out the OB27 advanced servers. The advanced servers were available for only a limited number of users and have been discontinued now.

The OB27 is almost here, with a bunch of updates, new characters and many more will be featured. The patch notes aren’t debuted yet, however, they may be release somehow on April 13th.

Mostly, some of the users have experienced the upcoming features and new addition to the game in advanced servers. The developers have also announced the Bermuda Remastered, which will be opened permanently after the update.

Free Fire OB27 Update

The developers have revealed the official release date on Instagram. Also mentioned that there will be many features to arrive in the coming week.

During the update session, the servers might get down for maintenance for some time. Due to which players will not be able to play the game.

The update will include three new characters as players have teased out in advanced servers. These three characters will be having different abilities from reducing armour damage to increasing damage with distance.

Moreover, there is the possibility of Chrono’s nerf. The earlier inspired character by Cristiano Ronaldo might be released in the OB27 update. However, we are not sure about all the new features and characters, but there is a lot more coming this week.

Users can also claim the login rewards in the login section. They can claim once the update arrives.

The publisher of Free Fire, Garena is all set for a new zombie survival game called Undawn. The game may be released later this year and will be available all over the world.

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