COD Mobile introduced the Royal Knight along with AS VAL – Double Edge weapon


COD Mobile developers have added ‘The Double Edge Mythic Weapon Drop‘. The Season 2 Day of Reckoning has got its new weapon, that fires just blades instead of bullets.

The AS VAL – Double edge features a Silver and Animated red core as result to fire its lethal bladed projectiles. The Double Edge AS VAL is fully upgradable with a variety of combat situations. This can be used both in Fast mid-range and long-distance combat.

With the Mythic upgrade cards, players can modify the look by adding different attachments to it. There are almost three kill effects, which can be acquired by upgrading it.

Royal Knight Shining Armor

Call of Duty Mobile now features a new Royal Knight Shining Armor. With a completely new look, the suit of armour is filled with bladed weapons and has a red helmet.

COD Mobile The Royal Knight
Image Source: Call of Duty Mobile

The Knight and the AS VAL – Double Edge is the perfect combination overall, both can be obtained from the Call of Duty Mobile lucky draw. The lucky draw includes several other weapons and attachments.

The AS VAL – Double Edge along with the Royal Knight suit are now live in the COD Mobile Store.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode

Recently the developers have announced the return of the famous Call of Duty Mobile Zombies mode. They have confirmed in the community update, the mode will be first released for the Chinese version. However, later on, it will be available for the rest of the world.


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