100 days of non-availability of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5/PS4 consoles


Cyberpunk 2077, that is a huge project of CD Projekt developers. They launched their game back in 2020 with huge applause and appreciation both by audiences as well as gaming experts. Its tremendous approach makes it more popular among its two patches.

Both the patches contain innovative and epic strategies of targets. Cyberpunk Patch 1.2 is on its way to launch and has not available to the audience yet. The game is getting fame and acknowledgement on large scale.

But one of the biggest flex that Cyberpunk has to face is that it has been removed from the Playstation store. It is about the 100th day that people can not approach it through the Playstation platform. The reason is quite hissy and not confirmed yet.

A lot of rumors rolled around about its unavailability from the PS-platform. Sony has some refund issues with the CD project. So after making a tremendous debut in the market. The issue needs to be resolved in a highly comprehensive way. No confirmed case has been reported from both sides So, we can not judge the situation rightly.

Sometimes it seems to be the virtual decision of both Sony and CD Projekt to roll the cyberpunk 2077 out of the sale. This got only restricted on PS5 and PS4 by Sony, on the other hand, Xbox is getting the same normalized thrill action.

The situation is not cleared even after a long duration. People are expecting the soon availability but this is only the hope of the audience. No official announcement had been made by the authorities about its legal availability. But the users and die-hard fans do approach this game through real authors.

All the controversies have no specific basis, so no need to bother them a lot. Only the real statement will be made by Sony or the CD project.


Erika Ryan is Senior Editor at Thewistle. She previously worked for Crunchbase News as Editor in Chief as well as The Next Web, TechCrunch, and Mattermark. You can contact Erika at [email protected]