Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks and rumors, Everything we know so far


Genshin Impact, an online action game project of miHoYo developers and other collaborated institutes. It is popular enough and earning a handsome and record-breaking amount from the action activity. A recent report by sensor tower cited, that the Genshin Impact breaks the record of the famous game Pokemon in just six months.

Keeping the popularity and acknowledgement at the forefront, developers keep adding something epic and lavish time by time in its basic interface. People are looking forward to Genshin Impact 1.5 because this is about to release at the end of April.

This holds even much more exciting features that show the versatility and uniqueness of characters. The official information for the audience is just regarding the launch time. But not specifically about the character analysis.

The leakers and rumors got the idea and breaking various news for the upcoming interface. Various Gossips are all around that is creating fuss and anxiety for validity.

According to the rumors, two specific and innovative characters are going to make their debut in Genshin Impact 1.5. more occasionally, such type of news is announced by officials and administration. Till yet there is no approach of administration to these rumors. But more chances are of acknowledging these character appearances in the next phase.

Two characters are Eula and Yanfei, which gets leaked by unknown sources; but credentials are not around these characters. There are many other kinds of stuff that got acknowledged by the leakers and they are making news about all that.

The audience and fans are desperately waiting for these leaks to appear in the real meaning as they are hoping to enjoy some real adventure of two characters Eula and Yanfei


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