Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors, and leaks, hints that it may launch somehow next year


2013 is the year of the official release of Grand Theft Auto V by the RockStar Games. Now right after eight years, the Rockstar games are at the peak of launching the sixth series of Grand Theft Auto. During the wholesome years, it eventually and significantly made its Crucial and unbeatable place in the gaming market.

According to reports, Grand Theft Auto 6 is under development and there is no specific deadline for its release or launch is mentioned. But a lot of unofficial rumors break out in the year 2021.

The rumors do not hold any credible base and authentication. The Rockstar developers specially mentioned their audience and talked that do not put ears on any news around. If they want to make any updates about its launch they will use their official website.

The number of uncredible news make the surrounding quite alarming. People came to know from the rumors that the Grand Theft Auto 6, is going to be released during Super Bowl, which is the national football league, and will be going to held again in February 2022.

But does not have any specified trust base. Talking about rumours, the one aspect that remains hidden is that, they may prove right. But this will be confirmed after the developer’s announcement.

Besides all, several topics about GTA 6 rolled around, which is creating nothing more than a fuss. The result is this, that fans are making utmost efforts to know a piece of minor credible news from the sources.  

No doubt the interface and design activity of GTA 6 will be much more offensive than GTA online, there will be tough competition all around but the real competition scenario will be confirmed after official notification.


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