Watch Dogs: Legion Online mode is live now on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S & Stadia


Watch Dogs: Legion Online PC version has been delayed because of an unexpected issue caused. The developers mentioned announcing a new date as soon as possible for the PC version.

According to UbiSoft, the game also crashed during tactical Ops. Therefore as results, the Tactical Ops will launch on consoles on March 23.

The Online mode was launched on 9th March and is currently live on Xbox, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox series S and Stadia. Its publisher Ubisoft has made some restrictions on it regarding various multiplayer.

Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode

The game has an open war setting. It includes various recruitment missions along with the freedom to provide services. And for all the mission outcome, there are various approaches available that guides the player accordingly to make changes and blasts in the comprehensive attitude of the game.

But some of the alterations and unwanted changes make the developers think to have some look all around.

There appear some chat and belonging issues before its official launching. Apart from these issues, there seem to be some hacking fluctuations among the multiplayer and technical setting of Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs legion online mode
Image Source: Watch Dogs: legion (Ubisoft)

After the appearance of these issues, the authorities and management delayed its launch. This delay proves to be a disregard in favour of the game Watch Dogs.

People and fans are expecting something tremendous and totally a new concept from the developers, but they didn’t fill those expectations to the end.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft declares the news from their official account that, attempts are being made to solve the problem until that fans have to wait for the changes.

Without any offence, it needs to get repair not only for PC media players but for the reputation of developers and the company. Otherwise, the hustle may cause a crash in the system of gamers. Thus, at that point, the ability to take adventurous and thrilling tasks will be affected more.

Ubisoft is working on online checking of the system. It is giving a preview of the game to examine the changes made all around for better functionality.

So far the attempt proves to be worthy but only for PlayStations and Xbox activity. For the PCs, the restrictions are still available until the solution of the whole problem.

Instead of all this the experts are highly confident and making their full effort to present an amazing and flawless image of WatchDog: Legion to their fans.


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