There appear a lot of rumours and reports that hold the view that LG is making a compromise on quality work by upholding the decision of Rollable Mobile devices for the users and fans.

The source of this rumour and credentials are denied by LG Spokesperson. He holds the view that the stakeholders and part suppliers are doing the same before, there issued no such orders to hold the resizable screens in the future. Moreover, the company is always concerned with the main and progressive output for the users. So there is no reality in such rumours and un-inspected approaches.

 The LG keeps on doing work with flexible phone features and is on the step of doing much more for the industry in even 2021. There seems to be some fluctuation in manufacturing ability along with shipping techniques, because of pandemics all around in the mobile market but there is no decision of quitting the industry.

The developers are making progress and efforts to do more for the overall technical industry, they denied the news of exiting the Smartphone business.

No doubt, the LG is coming across with other Smartphone brands, because there is too much competition throughout the industry. And if the developers are even thinking of up-holding something or some feature, then they will introduce something new and different instead of the old one.

The real story still needs to be revealed, several analysts are trying to figure out the main issue but LG developers are trying to work more effectively in the industry and there are so many new schemes for 2021 ae under consideration by experts.


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