Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 set to launch, but no Season 14 Why?


Activation has decided to reset the countdown at the end of season 13. The team made their plans clear on a Reddit forum. Sources revealed that new season would be called as Season 1 instead of Season 14.

The popular first-person multiplayer shooting game has a large fanbase around the world. Ever since the game was launched in Oct 2019, rise in popularity hasn’t fallen, and developers have continuously updated the game with new features and content. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 new features, game modes and Battle Pass

Season 13 is ending this week, and as expected much thought about season 14 will come out. But, now things have changed, and Activision is planning to rest the season count. This news may come as a surprise to many CODMobile fans worldwide. However, many more updates will come, and developers haven’t officially commented on this matter. 

New Lucky draws, battle pass and different game modes will come in upcoming Call of Duty Mobile season 1. It seems like this could be a big update as they are taking more time than usual. Along with many other new features, two new guns have already been revealed, set to launch in recent season. 

One was the FAMA assault rifle, and the other one is SKS legendary marksman rifle. We will reveal more as soon as more information arrives from Activision. 

Battle pass price will be the same

With new season players will amuse themselves with all new 50 tiers of Battle pass. The price of the battle varies, and it depends upon your region. In Asia, the Battle pass price is 220 COD points, but in the US and UK, it will be around 800 COD Points. Similarly, the premium cost around 2000 COD points (US&UK) and 500 cod points (Asia) that unlocks 25 tiers  


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