Top 10 Best Torrent Sites for Games that works in 2021


Playing games nowadays have a different fan base. For the past few years, various companies have developed such amazing games on PC, Mobile, and Consoles. We have seen such quality games. Recently, some famous games like Pubg Mobile, Free Fire, and Call of Duty have got massive attention.

However, playing games on PC gives a better gaming experience with better graphics, controls, and sensitivity. The main point is how to get the exact game files. As there are many game torrent websites, but today we have targeted some of the real and working torrents.

Here are the top 10 best game torrent websites in 2021. From these websites, you can get your favourite games without any problem.

Best torrent sites for games in 2021

l Kickass Torrents
l Torrent Games
l The Pirate Bay
l 1337X
l TorLock
l LimeTorrents
l FitGirl Repacks
l Torrent Snake Games
l Zooqle

Kickass Torrents

Best Torrent Sites for Games
Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrents (KAT) is a famous torrent site, where users can get there desired torrent files. The website was founded in 2008, and after several years, it’s been taken down in the US. However, recently we got the Kickass Mirror sites.

The Kickass proxy includes several new websites, which are working. KAT is one of the best game torrents, where you can download your favorite games.

Torrent Games

Torrent Games
Torrent Games

Torrent Games is one of the best PC game torrent sites, as well as for console games. The torrent games offer all kinds of PC and Console games. You can easily access PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch games.

Whether it’s a PC game or Consoles, you can quickly get it from Torrent Games.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
The Prate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been released in 2003 since that time it is delivering its services. This torrent site is among the top torrenting sites. With The Private Bay, you can get access to media, software, application, games, etc.

There is a separate box of games, where users can get the torrent files for millions of games. The website is friendly to use, as there is no such complication regarding downloading torrents.



Either, it could be games or any other media; the 1337X is always here. 1337X also comes under best torrent sites for fun. The user interface is quite simple and is easy to use.

There are almost three alternatives available on the main page of 1337X if it’s not working. Get the most trending or popular games from this torrent site.


TorLock (best torrent sites for games)

Another best torrent site for games and movies named as TorLock. TorLock is a verified software torrent site. Here you will find millions of game torrents, Softwares, Movies, Ebooks, etc. This is the best alternative to Kickass and The Pirate Bay. So if you are seeking a game torrent site, this is also the recommended one.



LimeTorrent is another big source of games, software, movies etc. This is also the best choice to go to. The Interface is simple, and the site is easy to use. Here you will find multiple games. The only thing about this site is the health of some files is low because of low popularity.

FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks
FitGirl Repacks

If you are seeking for a gaming torrent website, so here is the FitGirl Repacks torrent. The website contains all games including PC and consoles games. You can easily download your favourite PC or Console games from this site.

Torrent Snake Games

Torrent Snake
Torrent Snake Games

Another addition in the games torrents sites is Torrent Snake Games. The userfriendly website has a bunch of variety in the games category. It is also among the best torrent site for gaming. The website has a sort of every gaming platform, so it easy for you to find the desired game, either PC or Consoles.


Are you looking for the best games torrent sites that work fine in 2021? Here is another one for you. Zoogle is also the best torrent site that includes games, software, movies and other stuff. This website also has a bunch of mirrors.


Best Torrent Sites for Games

By finding every category games, RARBG is also the best one to go for; The RARBG torrent site has a wide variety of latest and popular games, music, books, software and movies. You will find each and everything here in one place. So if you are looking for a video game torrent site, this is also the best games torrent.


All the best games torrent site has been listed by team TheWistle. We do not promote or manage any of these. The areas have been shared for ease and education.


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