Free Fire Bermuda Remastered Map to be removed temporarily


Free Fire Bermuda Remastered map is recently added to the game. This map is the upgraded version of the Bermuda map. The Bermuda 2.0 map was added to the game on 1st January 2021. However, the Bermuda Remastered is the limited-time event being allowed by the developers.

At first, the event time was from 1st January to 10th January, but now the Free Fire officials have decided to extend the event time. The Bermuda Remastered map event was extended to 17th January, so the players can enjoy the gameplay of the Bermuda Remastered map for a further few days.

Free Fire Instagram

However, the Free Fire Officials has also posted on the Instagram page that they will remove the Bermuda Remastered map after the extension. The reason is to adjust and optimize all the combat areas as requested in feedback. The map will be added again once the optimization comes to an end. As the final date hasn’t been revealed yet but it would be added ASAP.

The map will be temporarily removed from the game after 17th January. After the overwhelming response by the Free Fire fans, the developers are going to make the Bermuda Remastered permanent. We will be updating you regarding the upcoming updates and events.


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