Stimulus Check Style Tax Rebates: Are You Eligible?


It is a great opportunity if you have not received any federal stimulus check.

Although it has been almost one year since many states’ residents have yet to receive any federal stimulus check, three states will still send such stimulus checks like tax rebates in the upcoming months.

But for this, you need to be in one of these three states. You can expect these tax payments in the coming fall.

These three states include Alabama, Arizona, and Virginia, and they are still sending one-time tax rebates.

It is exciting news for you because they are the only states that are sending these tax refunds. You can expect these stimulus check-style tax rebates in the last months of 2023.

Moreover, other states that were sending tax rebates or stimulus checks in different shapes are also wrapping up. For example:

The last date to claim Georgia’s surplus tax refund was Monday, Oct. 16. His last date for claiming Montana’s property tax rebate of up to $675 was Oct. 2. But these three states- Alabama, Arizona, and Virginia – are still sending stimulus payments in the last months of 2023.

Who is eligible for Stimulus Check Style Tax Rebates

Almost all of the three states’ tax rebates depend on tax filings, income, and dependents of a taxpayer in the respective state. This means that most of the taxpayers are eligible for this stimulus check. For further details, visit the official websites of each state.

What is the amount of the Stimulus Check Style Tax Rebate?

The amount of each stimulus check style tax rebate in the respective states is mentioned below:

  • $150 for individuals and $300 for couples in Alabama.
  • $250 per dependent for kids under 17 and $750 for three dependents in Arizona.
  • $400 for one joint filer and $200 tax refunds for individuals in Virginia.