Arizona Family Tax Rebate: $750 for each family in Arizona


Families should thank the state budget for this family financial boost.

Qualifying families in Arizona will get a family tax rebate worth up to $750. 

According to Marca, Arizona Families Tax rebate is coming to qualifying families. It is a one-time child tax rebate. 

Moreover, the state government designed it to help families with financial crises. It will boost the economy of many needy families. 

Also, according to the state officials, $740,000 Arizona taxpayers will receive this tax rebate payment. 

Eligibility Criteria for Family Tax Rebate

To qualify for the Arizona Family tax rebate, you must 

  • I have lived for almost one year in Arizona 
  • Have claimed the tax credit for your dependants on your 2021 tax return
  • Have to pay at least $1 in taxes in 2019, 2020, or 2021.

Moreover, you can receive this rebate if you have three dependents. Also, you can receive up to $750 for more than three. 

However, tax credit for dependants under 17 is $250 per dependant. Also, it is $100 for dependents aged 17 and older.

How to apply for Arizona Tax Rebate?

You not need to apply for this tax rebate. The state government will use the recent tax information to identify the qualifiers.

Payment Schedule

According to reports, The Arizona Department of Revenue will start distributing the rebate by Nov. 15, 2023. The payment will come through direct deposit or a paper check through the mail. 

But you should know that it is not the only state that is giving money to its residents. There are several other states as well which have sent and are sending tax rebates and stimulus checks. 

Moreover, other states are providing financial relief in different shapes. For example:

  • Georgia’s Gas Tax Suspension 
  • Tennessee’s Grocery Tax Holiday

But in a nutshell, the Arizona Families Tax Rebate is going to be a game changer for many low-income families. It will help them to cope with the high inflation and economic uncertainty.


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