$500 Tax Refunds: Check which States are Sending Them in 2023


Most states have wrapped up their stimulus checks and tax rebates, but three are still sending out.

To cope with the financial crises, they are still helping their residents in this hard economic time. 

However, these states still send their residents one-time tax rebates. These states are  Alabama, Arizona, and Virginia.

But why are they important?

They are unique in all of them because you will get it in 2023, unlike other stimulus check style tax rebates, which ended in 2022.

Moreover, these three states are the only ones that have decided to help their residents through extra tax rebates. This will boost their finances and help them fight rising inflation.

Who is Eligible?

The eligibility criteria for this tax rebate are similar to the COVID-19 stimulus checks. It also depends on the factors like tax filings, income, and dependents.

Similarly, this rebate aims to help those who are facing financial hardships. 

However, one of the states that are offering tax rebates in 2023 is Georgia. 

Georgia‘s tax rebate is called surplus tax refund. The state has a $10.7 billion surplus in the budget, so they are sending it as a tax refund. 

This is due to the continuous budget surpluses in recent years in Georgia. However, each resident can get $1000 from this surplus cash pile. 

Although the state has a lot of expenditures as well, this surplus amount is growing daily. 

Who is eligible for a Georgia Tax refund?

To qualify for this tax rebate, you must meet:

  • The residency criteria
  • Tax liability for the respective tax year. 

But, this rebate is substantial and depends on the tax filer’s filing status. However, eligible taxpayers will receive:

  • $250, if single.
  • $375 if the head of the household.
  • $500 if they are couples filing jointly.