You can get a tax rebate of up to $400 in Virginia. But are you eligible or not? According to the new 2023 Virginia budget, eligible Virginia taxpayers can receive one-time tax rebates this year. 

However, this is a massive opportunity for you if you are a taxpayer in Virginia. So, if you want a stimulus check in 2023, keep reading to know more about the Virginia rebates. 

This is the second time in 2023 that the commonwealth will return the surplus revenue to Virginians. They are doing so to keep up with other states, as they are also sending stimulus payments and tax rebates.

But are you eligible for this tax rebate or not? 

Eligibility for Virginia tax rebate 2023

To be eligible for the Virginia rebate, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Tax Liability Requirement

Have a tax liability in the previous tax year (2022) to be eligible for the 2023 Virginia rebate. Tax liability refers to the amount owed, factoring in credits, deductions, and subtractions.

Rebate Amounts

Eligible Virginia single filers may receive a rebate of up to $200.

Eligible joint filers can expect a rebate of up to $400 as per the budget passed by Virginia lawmakers in September.

Filing Deadline

File your 2022 Virginia tax return by November 1st to qualify for the rebate.

Missing the November deadline will result in ineligibility for the rebate.

Filing Options

Utilize the Virginia Department of Taxation’s various filing options to facilitate the filing process. 

Ensure you meet these criteria and file your taxes on time to avail of the Virginia tax rebate.

How will you receive the Virginia tax rebate in 2023?

If you received your previous Virginia tax refund via direct deposit, you will receive this one in the same manner. It will arrive in the same bank account in which the previous rebate arrived. 

However, when will this rebate arrive? Keep in touch for further updates.


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