Stimulus Update: $5,000 is coming to Illinois Residents accounts this year


Welcome your unclaimed property checks worth up to $5,000 that are making their way to your bank accounts. 

Unclaimed property refers to those funds and assets the states hold, but they belong to the individuals in Illinois. 

The Illinois State Unclaimed Property Program has decided to send this unclaimed asset to its rightful owners.

Why is Illinois going to send this unclaimed property check to its residents?

According to 5 On Your Side, more than 66,000 people will receive $ 5,000 each in their mail. But why is the state providing this massive amount of money to its residents?

So, the reason is to reunite the residents with funds and assets they have not claimed for years.

In addition, the report also describes that Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs worked with the General Assembly to create changes within the money match program. He did so to automate the payment-sending process of payments to people without claiming.

However, other lawmakers agreed and raised the automatic payment cap to %5,000 from $2000

Eligibility criteria for Illinois Unclaimed Property Program Stimulus Checks?

Eligibility Criteria for Unclaimed Property Checks:

1. Former and Current Illinois Residents

Individuals who have lived in Illinois, both past and present, are eligible for unclaimed property checks.

Checks may originate from forgotten bank accounts, insurance policies, utility deposits, or uncashed paychecks.

2. The Deceased and Their Heirs

Unclaimed property checks might belong to deceased individuals, with heirs or beneficiaries eligible to claim these funds.

3. Proactive Searchers

Regardless of past knowledge, anyone is encouraged to search for unclaimed property.

Exploring potential eligibility is worthwhile, as you might discover unclaimed property checks waiting for you.

How to Claim Your Unclaimed Property Check?

To claim your stimulus check, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office website.
  • Use the Enhanced Money Match program to find your unclaimed money.
  • You’ll get a letter from the office if your name and address match.
  • Read the letter to know how much money you are owed and why.
  • Complete any security steps they ask for.
  • After verification, the office will send you a check.
  • You can also check online to see if you are owed any money.
  • Claiming your money is straightforward with the help of the Treasurer’s Office.