Scammers Targeting Property Tax Rebates in Montana


Be aware of the scams that are going to steal your tax rebate. 

State officials have warned the residents applying for the state’s property tax rebates. 

They also informed the applicants to watch out for suspicious activity.

You will need to provide information when applying for the rebate, such as: 

  • Your social security number
  • Physical address 
  • Geo code 

However, you can follow the directions on the Montana Department of Revenue’s Website. Follow those directions and find your geocode for free.  Claiming your property tax will take only a few minutes.

So only trust someone who claims they will procure you some of these for free. 

Moreover, officials also revealed that the criminals also claim your tax rebates in someone else’s name. 

They revealed that these scammers send you reports from a website. These reports offer that they will help in finding your geocode for free. But beware, it’s a scam.

Moreover, you can apply till October 1, 2023, for rebates upto $675. 

To reduce the risk of identity theft, try to apply early. If you want to know more about the Montana Property Tax rebate application, visit

From August 15 till now, over 100,000 homeowners have successfully applied for their Tax rebate online.

However, the revenue department says processing payments will take 40 to 90 days. It will depend on whether the recipients select direct deposits or a paper check by mail.