If your janitor ai is not working or loading, don’t worry.

Many users have complained that their character ai is not working. They also complained about the loading time it takes. 

Many users turned to this option after being tired of character AI restrictions or filters. But for weeks, the users have been complaining about it.

However, now Janitor AI is one of the most popular Options in the NSFW-friendly chatbot segment.

Is Janitor Ai down?

As many users complained about the loading time and working of it. The janitor AI gave an update on Twitter:

“got some attacks rn, trying to go back online; this is for the long run; thank you, everyone, for the support, also.”

However, this update gave some relief to the users. As one of the users tweeted:

“It’s okay, take your time; I will wait for patiently*give flower*”

But still, Many users are complaining that they are facing problems using janitorai.com. Recently, one user tweeted:

“Why is janitor ai so slow.”

Also, a Reddit user questioned :

“Is the site down for anyone else?”

“I’m unsure if they’re doing maintenance or something, but it’s been like this for the past hour 😞 nothing will load / whenever I refresh, nothing happens.” 

So in response, another user replied:

“Nope, I think it has something to do with the massive amounts of people that rushed in at the same time because the Pawan reverse proxy finally started working after a day.”

But as you can see in the reply the user mentions “Pawan reverse proxy.” What is it?

It is a proxy that allows users to use paid AI services for free. 

So the user suggests that the reverse proxy could cause the shutdown as many people would have rushed to the AI simultaneously, which caused its shutdown. 

But we are still determining when AI services will be fully functional again. As there is, no comment or update came from the janitor team. We will let you know if any update comes from the officials.

Why is the Janitor AI down?

As there is no concrete reason for the shutdown of character AI., the users are suggesting different reasons. 

As some suggest that it is Open AI that bans user accounts that generate NSFW content. 

But they ban those accounts which use chatbot services but don’t comply with their policies. 

As one user tweeted:

“janitor ai being down is getting everyone banned from Openai smh.”

But it must be clarified why it is not working or loading for many users. These are just assumptions. 

However, other reasons for its non-functionality could be:

●     Server problems: Janitor AI may have server problems, and the website may be slow or ineffective.

●     Maintenance and updates: Janitor AI may fix some issues or add new features, and the website may be off temporarily.

●     Attacks: Janitor AI may be hit by evil people who want to mess up the service or take user data. This can make the website crash or act weird.     

But if you are facing this problem while using this chatbot, it may be because of the following:

●     Poor internet connection

●     Website server status problem

●     Cache problem(delete all your browser cache and cookies)

●     Your firewall or antivirus is not letting you use this website.

However, if you think these are the natural causes and fix them, your chatbot will start working. So let me tell you.

All the above are just suggestions, not proven strategies or steps. Wait for the response of the Janitor AI team. We will let you know when it comes.


Hamza Hayat is the Independent Onwer of Thewistle. He has multiple year of Experience in Content Management, SEO and Wordpress Development.