Google Pixel Fold expected price and features

After Samsung’s great foldable devices, Google is also planning to enter the foldable market as rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming Pixel Fold are surfacing online. However, there isn’t any official news regarding this.

We have seen Samsung Foldable phones receiving tremendous responses across the globe. They launched their first Fold device back in 2019, and till now, we have seen many of the upgraded versions.

Rumors about Google’s next Pixel phone have been going around for a while now, but it looks like we’ll finally get the phone sometime next year.

At the Google I/O 2022, many Pixel fans were expecting the Pixel Fold, but the company hasn’t announced such a thing. In contrast, recent reports suggest that this device could be revealed soon.

According to reports, the device is said to feature a Samsung-made display, which we already have seen in Z Fold 4.

Google is reported to have purchased a foldable 7.6 in OLED displays from Samsung for use in future devices, according to The Elec.

This means that Google could use a Samsung-made display with the exact resolution and dimensions.

The device might have the main screen resolution of 1840×2208 and an external display with 1080 x 2100 pixels. The internal screens are said to support refresh rates up to 120Hz.

Furthermore, the elusive Pixel Fold will arrive with a 12MP Sony IMX363 primary sensor and an even more robust 12-megapixel wide-angle lens for capturing all your favorite moments in ultra HD quality.

Overall, the targeted price for the Google Pixel Fold will be around about $1500, according to different reports.

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